Yuri Shirguchi

Faction Leader, Holy Men of Yuri


Yuri is one of the first heroes who awoke on the first day to a newborn world. He saw his people awaking from their slumber and immediately began tending to their needs. After all the needs of his people were met, he sent the strongest to look for food and water. The rest stayed with him where they began constructing basic shelters to protect them from the elements. By the first night, Yuri and his people had made a decent living area for themselves with everyone able to sleep in shelters and huddle by the fires. He sang great tales of heroes and events that never exists, drawing purely on his imaginations and natural singing ability.

Over the next two weeks, Yuri would dedicate his people to the harvesting of plant life – it did not seem right, Yuri would say, to take the life of a beast for our own sustenance. Most members of his tribe learned and adapted quickly taking up roles within their group to make life easy and peaceful, and those who did not learn quickly were gently taught by the others. Their peaceful agrarian lifestyle went undisturbed by the other peoples until the Conduit was activated. A great bolt shot from the forest and through Yuri’s heart sending him flying back into a nearby shelter. He was injured but still alive and conscious. His people wrapped his wounds in leaves, and Yuri decided to see what had happened and if there was anything he could do to help.

Yuri Shirguchi

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